I Destroyed My College’s Computer😈😈:



I am Aman and I am going to share some funny prank that I done with my college’s computer. By this method the computer become useless. So lets talk how I did this. Please don’t do this to anyone this could be harmful.

First I create a .bat file, code below using notepad for shutdown computer. Save As the following script as [whatever_name].bat(fig-2.0).


In this script SHUTDOWN.EXE -S will use to shutdown computer and -T use for add timing(time counts in seconds, you can add time what ever you want) and -C used for message. Full meaning of this script is to shutdown the computer in zero second and show the written message.

Now create I a shortcut of the .bat file(fig-3.0).


Then I put this shortcut into Startup folder. This folder contains the programs that execute automatically first when computer tuned on.

You can get into the folder by just typing shell:startup into the run tab(press ‘Windows key + R’ to upen run tab)(fig-4.0).


Now I just cut and paste the shortcut into the folder(fig-5.0).


Now done, Next time when the computer get turn on its immediately automatically get shutdown until the script not get deleted from the computer.



H4ck Ethic4lly.

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