Find Mobile Number details Using linux:

Aman Chauhan
2 min readMay 28, 2022


Hello friends in this blog i am going to tell you a fantastic way to find mobile number detail(like owen name,emails,SIM carrier ,sim provider,profile picture ..ect )using a package called Truecallerjs that’s available on github you get more details from here. it show that data that’s available on truecaller database.

Lets install it in our linux machine:

First of all install npm if you don’t have,you can install it from here.

Now run the following command in you terminal to install truecallerjs:

~$ sudo npm install -g  truecallerjs

Now you have to login here for start serching for do so use following command:

~$ truecallerjs login

Here we have to put a mobile number (we should enter mobile number with country code) Now here it will send OTP on you given mobile number and after entering OPT we good to go. Now we are able to search details about mobile number.

Run the following command for searching:

~$ truecallerjs -s [number]

Here it will give you output in json form, for text format we have to use a flag with it

~$ truecallerjs -s [number] --text

Now it will show you all details in normal text format

I tried it on my mobile number here you can see some details:


I tried it on my an other number and here what i got:


Here i get some details with a Email address. So this is a very powerfull tool.

I creat a video how you can use this tool in termux. Please support my channel .